Steering behavior – The potential of (digital) nudging for corporate communications

How can you guide individual decision-making without manipulating it? Digital Nudging could be an answer to this question. But what does this mean for corporate communications? 
A research team of the Duisburg-Essen University examined the following issues on digital nudging: 

  • How do people make decisions and how do design elements influence these decisions?
  • What are possible use cases of digital nudging for corporate communications?
  • What needs to be considered when implementing digital nudging?

You can find further information in the new edition of the Communication Insights. 

Citation: Clausen, S., Stieglitz, S., & Wloka, M. (2022). Steering behavior. The potential of digital nudging for corporate communications. (Communication Insights, Issue 15). Leipzig: Academic Society for Management & Communication. Available online at

ISSN 2749-893X