Let’s talk about Diversity & Inclusion – Fostering an inclusive work environment through communication

Corporate stakeholders from the general public to politicians increasingly expect corporations to reflect the diversity that exists in society within their workforce. The increasing recognition and influence of movements such as Black Lives Matter and ChooseToChallenge has reinforced public awareness and emphasized the need to manage diversity and inclusion (D&I) within organizations. 

A research team from the University of Vienna explored success factors and the role of communication in establishing and promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations based on the following questions:

  • Why should companies invest in diversity and inclusion?
  • How can companies establish effective D&I management?
  • How can communications promote an inclusive corporate culture?

More information can be found in the Communication Insights. 

Citation: Wolfgruber, D., Einwiller, S., & Brockhaus, J. (2021). Let’s talk about diversity & inclusion. Fostering an inclusive work environment through communication (Communication Insights, Issue 11). Leipzig, Germany: Academic Society for Management & Communication. Available online at www.academic-society.net

ISSN  2749-893X